YardHost.Org connects gardeners with property owners and makes it easy to book local garden plots. We help neighborhoods and communities get together and foster urban sustainability.

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Browse our listings to find an unique, economical and friendly garden or grow space in your city or neighborhood. Next, contact the Host to make arrangements.

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Become a Host by Adding a free listing. Hosting is a great way to make new friends in your neighborhood, share produce or earn extra income.

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Our members can buy, sell, rent and exchange services, tools, supplies, equipment and other gardening items.

Our Mission:
Help make a positive environmental, community, and economic impact on cities and neighborhoods by enabling easy access to local grow space for urban farmers and gardens. Create local food production opportunities, and raise awareness about food and sustainability.Did you know that there's millions of acres of unproductive land in urban and peri-urban (suburban) backyards in cities across the world! We help new and experienced urban farmers find garden space, to start producing local food.

Some of the Benefits:
1. Property owners can earn income from unused land or space
2. Urban farmers who don't have space to grow can easily rent one
3. Urban farmers can earn income from selling foods at local markets
4. Unused urban or peri-urban land can be made productive
5. Our cities, neighborhoods and food supply is more sustainable
6. Our communities are more connected
7. A reduction in urban crime and vandalism
8. New job opportunities within the urban farming industry
9. Reduced reliance on fossil fuels to deliver food long distances
10. Our urban environment is beautified

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